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Hello! My name is Drew, and I am a nonbinary programmer (pronouns are they/them) who loved to publish little projects and contribute to FOSS. If you are viewing this you probably want to know what you are supporting. Its pretty simple. I am a college student and as such I need some doubloons to prevent me from picking up a second job. I've set my goal at $100 per week which I think will give me enough money to stay alive and justify sinking all of my free time into this project.

Where's the content?

Well I stream on Twitch where you can watch me flounder around, read documentation, and fiddle with code

I also am going to start making little devlogs and stuff over on Youtube

I also write articles (that mostly aren't about programming) over at

Thank you so much for supporting me! I hope I can make it worth your while and continue to make the free software world a better place!

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