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My muses (or the things I like to create) can vary widely, but generally they fall in the domains of abstract art, generative art (made via creative coding: code+art), fiction, and silly songs.

I dedicate a lot of my work to the Public Domain or via open licenses, including code that generates art, and code that helps generate art. When I am better supported, I am able to donate more.

You can see my work at my art blog, and the social media outposts linked therefrom.

I'm most grateful for your patronage.

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_ebDev 1 Zaktualizowano 2 tygodnie temu

Various tools, mostly custom-made for art development.

_ebPathMan 0 Zaktualizowano 5 miesięcy temu

Toolset to simplify Windows and nix' PATH management

_ebScreenplays 0 Zaktualizowano 7 miesięcy temu

Original screenplays in fountain format, by yours truly or by others

autobrood 1 Zaktualizowano 8 miesięcy temu

Scripts to generate, mass crossbreed, select and render fractal flames (e.g. "Electric Sheep").

rnd_txt_art 0 Zaktualizowano 9 miesięcy temu

Public Domain random text art ▅▉▜▅▅▏▜▅▉▜■▉ collection

filterForgeBatchWrapper 6 Zaktualizowano 1 rok temu

Wraps Filter Forge's command line tool (FFXCmdRenderer-x86.exe at this writing), to make it simpler to render many image files from a folder in one go (batch), with any variety of applied filters.

neoplasticism-generators-collection 0 Zaktualizowano 1 rok temu

Collected neoplasticism (Piet Mondrian-style) art generators (with my changes to some or all of them).

electric_sheep_genomes 0 Zaktualizowano 2 lata temu

Backups of genomes from various generations of Scott Draves' Electric Sheep evolved art

sketchupOrganizeMaterials 0 Zaktualizowano 3 lata temu

Ruby script that organizes sketchup geometry by material

markov-php (fork) 0 Zaktualizowano 5 lat temu

fork of hay/markov PHP Markov chain text generator to add International Art English gibberish



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