Peter S. Hollander

Making meticulously specific open-source projects (CC0 / MIT-0)

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I passionately create and release open-source software, hardware, and artistic projects under public-domain-equivalent licenses (CC0 / MIT-0).

Donations allow me the privilege of spending more time and resources towards new and exciting projects, that with a little luck will benefit the greater community.

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Biomechanical Basemesh Gwiazdki 0 Zaktualizowano 4 miesiące temu

A biomechanically topologized and rigged universal human basemesh, built with realtime game engine compatibility in mind

Glorious Gloves Gwiazdki 0 Zaktualizowano 1 rok temu

A replacement mod for Half-Life: Alyx's Gravity Gloves with significantly beefier capabilities, similar to that of the Gravity Gun from the Half-Life 2 games.

ki-lime-pi-pico Gwiazdki 36 Zaktualizowano w tym tygodniu

[Mirror] Source repository of the comprehensive KiCad Library for the Raspberry Pi Pico 🥧 Check out the repo Ki-Lime Pi To-Go for the fully baked submodule, and GitLab for issues, merge requests, etc.

human-topology-reference Gwiazdki 0 Zaktualizowano 4 miesiące temu

A diverse CC0 reference image set of the human form, for informing the topology of the biomechanical-basemesh project.


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