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Hi, I'm Tobi O. Freelance artist.

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Hi I'm Tobi, and I'm a freelance artist. I do traditional art such as acrylic paintings, and inks. I do digital art in the form of pixel art. I am a trans man, 29. I live in a bible belt state, and needless to say, things aren't as great as they could be. I deal with moderate depression, and severe anxiety. I'm trying to pave my way in life, and as much as I wish things weren't so reliant on money, its something we all have to do to survive. If you can spare a bit towards my funds or want to commission me, either way I'd really appreciate it. Creating things for people has been the most fulfilling thing I've done with my life, and I want to continue with it.

My prices are as follows: Traditional Art: Sketch: $15+ Inked Sketch: $25+ Acrylic Painting - Small: $65+ Acrylic Painting - Large: $170+

Pixel Art: Avatar: $15+ Small Scene: $55+

Pixel Art is a bit higher, since I only have a mouse to work with. Please feel free to DM me on Mastodon!

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