Digital Occult Library Research Project

I collect, preserve, share, and discuss, occulted esoteric research materials.

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The DM Hutchins 2nd Digital Occult Library Research Project is the public end of my personal collection of esoteric research materials, which I have aggregated over the past 20 years, and which cover a plethora of alchemical subject matter. I aim to Collect, Organize and Preserve, Share, and Discuss, these occulted and obscured materials, which are valuable to the process of personal mastery, and therefor ending the state of human slavery.

I aim to Collect valuable research materials, before it is censored from the internet.

I aim to Organize and Preserve those research materials, Online and Offline.

I aim to Share these research materials, Online Media and Customized Media Devices.

I aim to Discuss these most valuable research materials.

Thus far my esoteric research materials total 4 TB, available for Hard Drives, Solid State Drives, Micro SD Cards, and Configured Media Devices. I am making 2 TB of my research materials available online via Mega (links below).

MEGA does impose a bandwidth limitation on how much you can download per hour, however, using a VPN to change your IP address occasionally, allows you to download data from any MEGA account indefinitely. Another reason that I use this platform is the viewers option to View, Read, Watch, and Listen, to all of the research materials in your browser, or through the app on your phone, without the need to download anything.

If you would like to download a personal backup of some, or all, of the 2 TB of public research materials, you may download them to your computer, your phone, and if you also have a MEGA account, you can transfer these materials directly from my account to your own account, provided you have the storage space. I highly recommend downloading all meaningful research materials, on personal offline devices, due to the nature of internet censorship. It is YOUR personal responsibility to Collect, Preserve, Know, and Teach, this information.

As of 7-6-24, Sections 1, 2, 3, & 5, are now complete, and only Section 4 remains incomplete, at 212.79 GB of 1 TB.

1 - DMH2ND Digital Occult Library - PDF & EPUB

2 - DMH2ND Digital Occult Library - Audiobooks

3 - DMH2ND Digital Occult Library - Audio Lectures, Series

4 - DMH2ND Digital Occult Library - Audio Podcast

5 - DMH2ND Digital Occult Library - Photo Library

Of course, certain files are only included within Storage Drives and Personalized Devices via Configuration Gifts. In the event that you'd like to own a 4 TB Hard Drive, Solid State Drive, or Personal Media Device, loaded with part, or all, of the DM Hutchins 2nd Digital Occult Library Research Project, click the link above, or contact me via <>

If you find value in my efforts, and these research materials, have been beneficial to your studies and personal development, please consider assisting in my ability to continue this work through any of my support and donations links. Thank you.

Paypal - My Paypal

Venmo - My Venmo

CashApp - My CashApp

Bonfire - My freedom themed tee shirts/hoodies.

Lulu - My printed poetry and essay publications.

Without question, my greatest needs are technological in nature. I simply do not possess the means to purchase the various electronics required so as to manage and distribute Study Drives and Configuration Gifts, on the level that I'm striving for. I also require portable equipment in order to share large amounts of research materials in person, rather than via mail. If you would like to assist me in acquiring the technology necessary to continue this work, consider donating items from my Amazon Wishlist.

And a very special Thank You to Paolo Tonolo and Golden Electric Tattoo, Dion Plowman, Dawn Lavandowski, and Gordon H Cairns, (And all of you who wish not to be mentioned) for your continual contributions of content and personal time, to this massive and ever growing research project. You are each true Brothers, Sisters, and Warriors, in the Battle for Truth. Much Love and Respect to You and Yours...


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