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My mission is to make computers easy to control, and to give people the power to take control of already existing programs and infrastructure on their devices, without the large amount of effort, syntax, and imposed rules that exist today. Furthermore, I want such an effort to encourage the making and sharing of new rules and paradigms in software, whether practical or not; it should be easy to do both, for the sake of progress.

The goal, in short, is to create an environment capable of self-inspection, portability, and user control at all times, without demanding the destruction, or manual reimplementation, of the current software ecosystem, but also without demanding the conformance of the user to a particular ecosystem.

I'm working on a hobby project to develop the necessary tools, and I'm also making efforts to implement this model in communications clients, to better control the data that a person submits across the Internet, and to make the underlying protocols malleable.

The tools are: An environment dedicated to storing, proving, comparing, and assimilating logic, data for the environment to operate on, functions for gathering more data, and a program in the environment that acts out logic, offering a window into it for the user.

As the tools become more powerful, the environment will be able to read other programs as logical recipes, using its own pool of logic to construct the programs, and expose them at all times.

The most powerful form of this environment that can exist is one that can directly read native binaries, and reconstruct them, without loss, as a malleable program. Until this form is reached, the tools will continue to be improved, under the constraints of my own skill, time, and the realm of possibility.

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