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R Developer/Programmer and Resource Assembler

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Irucka Embry considers himSelf to be a R Developer/Programmer & a Resource Assembler amongst other things ( Since the early 2000s, I have collected thousands of resources (both online & print) covering a wide array of topics. I share those resources mostly through my various resource Web pages on my small business Web sites. The main resource page is EcoC²S Online Resources ( One of my major focus areas for online resource collection has been Free/Libre & Open Source Software (FLOSS).

Although I have been creating digital artwork for many years, I recently joined the Openclipart library ( to share my Public Domain artwork.

I have been writing R ( scripts and/or functions since 2012 or 2013. I have been developing R packages that contain R functions and/or data for inclusion in the Comprehensive R Archive Network [CRAN] Repository ( since 2015. All of my contributed R packages ( are licensed under a Creative Commons license and/or the General Public License (GPL). The first package that I submitted to CRAN was install.load ( on 11 May 2015. Since that time, I have successfully submitted multiple other packages to CRAN. The package that has received the most functions is iemisc ( It is a collection of Irucka Embry's miscellaneous functions:

  • civil & environmental/water resources engineering,
  • convert a fraction (or mixed number) to a decimal (numeric vector),
  • engineering economics,
  • geometry,
  • GNU Octave/MATLAB compatible functions,
  • mortality rate calculations,
  • negation of chin from data.table and negation of in from base R (%notchin%),
  • proportion solver,
  • Python compatible floor division function (%//%),
  • quick search (%qsin%),
  • statistical analysis,
  • string manipulation (splitcomma and splitremove),
  • sum of all digits in a vector to a single integer, and
  • a version of linear interpolation for use with NAs.

In addition to the R packages, I have also created a collection of various R & GNU Octave examples ( in a variety of fields. All of the R and GNU Octave code written by me is licensed under the General Public License (GPL). As well, all written content created by me is copyrighted under a Creative Commons license.

I am currently asking for donations to 1) create more functions not only in the iemisc R package, but also in my other R packages as well, 2) use the opencpu ( package, which is a system for embedded scientific computing and reproducible research with R, to develop a Web interface for the iemisc package, and 3) write more R and GNU Octave examples and further enhance the existing examples.

If you would like to help fund any of the 3 proposed tasks, please feel free to do so.

Any donations that you can contribute will be greatly appreciated.

I want to thank you in advance for your time and consideration. Take care. Peace be unto you.

Irucka Embry

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iemiscdata Gwiazdki 0 Zaktualizowano w tym tygodniu

Miscellaneous data sets [Engineering Economics, Environmental/ Water Resources Engineering, US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) RadNet readings before and after the Fukushima Daiichi & Daini, US Presidential Elections].

iemisc Gwiazdki 0 Zaktualizowano 1 tydzień temu

A collection of Irucka Embry's miscellaneous functions (Engineering Economics, Civil & Environmental/Water Resources Engineering, Geometry, Statistics, GNU Octave length functions, Trigonometric functions in degrees, etc.).

iemisctext Gwiazdki 0 Zaktualizowano 2 tygodnie temu

An eclectic collection of short stories and poetry with topics on climate strange, connecting the geopolitical dots, the myth of us versus them, and the idiocy of war.

ie2misc Gwiazdki 0 Zaktualizowano 9 miesięcy temu

A collection of Irucka Embry's miscellaneous USGS functions (processing .exp and .psf files, statistical error functions, "+" dyadic operator for use with NA, creating ADAPS and QW spreadsheet files, calculating saturated enthalpy). Irucka created these functions while a Cherokee Nation Technology Solutions (CNTS) United States Geological Survey (USGS) Contractor and/or USGS employee.

globallivingconditions Gwiazdki 0 Zaktualizowano 10 miesięcy temu

ie2miscdata Gwiazdki 0 Zaktualizowano 10 miesięcy temu

Irucka Embry's miscellaneous USGS data collection

install.load Gwiazdki 1 Zaktualizowano 10 miesięcy temu

Check, install and load CRAN packages

drat Gwiazdki 0 Zaktualizowano 1 rok temu

This is the drat (see for more information about the R package called drat) repository for Irucka Embry.

USA.state.boundaries Gwiazdki 0 Zaktualizowano 1 rok temu

Provides examples to be used with the data included in '', which is available in a 'drat' repository. To install that data package, please follow the instructions at '<>'. Gwiazdki 0 Zaktualizowano 1 rok temu

There are 3 sets of USA maps contained within this data set. 1) A map of the USA with the NAD 1983 Albers Projection from the USGS that was originally part of 'USGSstates2k' which has been archived and is no longer maintained. Irucka worked with that

curvenumber Gwiazdki 0 Zaktualizowano 2 lata temu

curvenumber: an R package to calculate Base Flow Index and Curve Number for gauged and ungauged river catchments

iemiscquotes Gwiazdki 0 Zaktualizowano 4 lata temu

An eclectic collection of miscellaneous quotes presented by Irucka Embry in a R package.

FEWSR Gwiazdki 0 Zaktualizowano 4 lata temu

FEWS river, lake, and pond models used to obtain the evapotranspiration from surface waters in power plants.


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