Tessa L. H. Lovelace

Open source hardware, software, and art. Sometimes, philosophy.

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Hi, friend.

Can we stop ignoring the apocalypse happening literally right now for a minute or six?

bullet points for emphasis:
* Human-precipitated climate change and the destabilization of the planet biosphere.
* Resurgence of fascism, nationalism, and poverty.
* Increase in wealth disparity and violence.
* Concentration camps with children in cages.
* World leaders focusing on golf and social media.

Enough is enough, and I'm an engineer with the skillset to build a better way of existing.

The Renaissance is Over.

While the world slowly ignites and the various modern power figures strum their preferred instrument or yammer about how nice the cake is, I've obtained some land, and am building metalworking tools for functional independence.

Late-Stage Capitalism is War.

We've decided to focus on the housing problem first. Designing affordable, sustainable, safe and secure housing is doable with minimal resources, and my primary limited resource is time, currently.

The workshop contains a lathe, drill press, welder, and plasma cutter.
You can see some of the work on my family's Ko-Fi account.

Projects are ongoing, between taking care of my disabled partner and working.
Money is a superpower, and with enough of it, I can compensate collaborators and obtain raw materials and parts.

Starting with housing, I'm building, documenting, and iterating on the best off-the-shelf stuff a shoestring budget can buy.

Current needs:
* Aluminum cargo container source.
* Raspberry Pi hardware and SDHC cards.
* Receipt and full-page travel USB 3.0 document scanner.

Collaboration and communication happens via Discord these days, unfortunately.

Please drop in, ask about projects, and encourage us!

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