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I am passionate about Open Source and the Creative Commons ideals. I have made Games, Utility, and Multimedia applications for desktop and mobile platforms. I have been creating software for the last 10 years as a freelance developer, and as I have gone from client to client I realized that all software developed should:

  1. Be a benefit to its user not the developer or some shadow business interests.
  2. Be beholden to its user base.
  3. Exist beyond the original creator through Open Source licenses and open development practices.

To that goal I'm dedicating my services to a free and open platform in hopes that those that find my software useful -or- fun will help me meet my financial needs so that my software can remain free.

A few of my projects are listed below. Others can be found here:

You can also follow me on FaceBook:

For those that pledge here you will help me decide what software I create along with getting added to the "credits" in all software created after you begin to pledge.

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EduSteem 2 Zaktualizowano 7 miesięcy temu

EduSteem is a educational organization tool for traditional and non traditional schools based on the process of "reflective learning" and what we have deemed "micro-scholarships".

NumNom 0 Zaktualizowano 1 rok temu

Math game for small to medium sized Children. Made during the App A Week Challenge.

Vola-Tile 0 Zaktualizowano 1 rok temu

Tile Game for up to 4 players.

CodeBreakers 1 Zaktualizowano 1 rok temu

Engage 0 Zaktualizowano 2 lata temu


Tender 0 Zaktualizowano 3 lata temu

Bar Tending app with social interactions

SpellBots 0 Zaktualizowano 3 lata temu

Hangman, but with giant robots!

Hybris 0 Zaktualizowano 3 lata temu

Pathfinder Character Generator and digital Player sheet.

BiblioFile 0 Zaktualizowano 3 lata temu

Program to help keep track of your Library of Phyisical Books. This project was a part of the AaW challenge and aims to be an at home version of what many Public libraries use.

Vince 0 Zaktualizowano 3 lata temu

Chat program with the ability to replay chat logs as if they were reall conversations.

WayFinder-Studio 0 Zaktualizowano 3 lata temu

Studio for creating content to be used in the WayFinder TableTop Augmentation Program

WayFinder-bgtools 0 Zaktualizowano 3 lata temu

Game Master tools for the WayFinder TableTop Augmentation Suite

WayFinder-GameMaster 0 Zaktualizowano 3 lata temu

Game Master tools for the WayFinder TableTop Augmentation Suite



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