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Vague Entertainment is a new kind of software company. One that puts people over profit and ideas over income and one that puts the community in charge of what projects we work on. How We Work:

Base model

Vague Entertainment is a community funded development shop. Unlike the typical application development and distribution models we release all software for free; free of ads, free of trackers, free of hidden fees, or back-end services that sell your data. Instead we rely on our monthly backers to help us keep the servers running and the contributors fed. Utilizing the Liberapay platform we ask only for the amount that you see fit to give and no more, but we go beyond being thankful to your patronage, we give you a voice in the direction and projects we take on.


Everyone has a story to tell, an idea they want to see actualized. So as a part of being a backer you will have the ability to vote for and pitch ideas to other backers and community members that support VE. No idea is thrown out, but those with the highest votes will be prioritized by VE. Once the idea is selected we will find the tools and people with in the network of contributors and give the community monthly updates on how well the project is going. Of course, the amount of projects that can be done concurrently will rely on our bakers and how many contributors we are currently able to support.


At the center of any project there are those that give their time and talents to create a worth while product, and so for those that show active and continuous contributions to VE, and its software, the pay out will be split evenly between all members of active projects (after the maintenance fees have been paid.) Payouts will be monthly, and as the backers grow so will the payouts, however the more contributors we have the less each person makes. So new contributors will be sought at the end of any large increase of monthly income. A simple rule of thumb for whether a new contributor will be recruited will be at the point where the monthly goal is met based on the current Liberapay goal.


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